Weight For It…

Good afternoon!

Today, since it was a day off of work, I decided I’d talk about my weight story!

When I was a kid, weight was never a big deal. The subject of weight wasn’t even a thing I thought of until I was well into my tween years.

As a kid I was never still. I did karate and gymnastics and I loved to run around our huge backyard. But the older I got, the less activities I did and the more food I ate. By the time I was 9, I was chubby and I continued to add onto it.

Weight still wasn’t a big deal to me until one day I remember my brother and I weighed ourselves. He’s 3 years older than me and always has been stick-thin. I weighed probably 20 pounds more than he did and I was crushed. I was 12 when that happened and I remember thinking “He’s my OLDER brother, older means bigger.”. I soon found, that was not the case.

Instead of trying to cut out the unhealthy foods I was filling my body with, I acted like it didn’t matter. Even though every day I felt bad about the fact, I just kept getting bigger and bigger and was doing nothing to help myself.

By the time I was 14 I weighed almost 200 pounds. That was the worst I’d felt in a long time – finding out I weighed that much. But I still continued to eat nothing but horrible foods.

At the beginning of last year I went through a lot of stress. And through that stress I began to lose my appetite. Everyday I sat down to eat I felt sick to my stomach. This went on for a few weeks before it went away. But, in that time, I began losing weight.

I went back to eating horrible foods for every meal but I continued to lose the weight. Everyone around me was commenting on how good I looked, and some, how worried they were I was losing weight so fast. By the time I began to see the weight loss, I’d lost around 20 pounds. I hadn’t cut anything out of my diet. Nothing had changed. I lost all the weight through the few weeks I couldn’t eat and the stress I was going through.

Three months later I had lost a good 40 pounds putting me at the lowest weight I had been since I was 12 or younger. Of course, I was also going through puberty and had a growth spurt at this time which could account for some of the weight lost.

At the beginning of this year my Moms asked me if I’d like to work out at the gym that they had been going to (the gym I now work at) so obviously I said yes. And since then, I’ve lost 5 pounds and 7% body fat. Even though I lost the majority of my weight before joining the gym, I didn’t feel any better about my body until I began to work out.

Society will find some part of you to call out. Whether it be your weight, your appearance, or the way you choose to live your life. So whatever you choose to do to better your life, do it for you. Not the people around you. They only have a say if you let them.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post!

See ya next time!

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